Philip Clarke

Philip Clarke PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons)

Philip has extensive knowledge of sport, exercise and performance psychology and has also published in the area. Philip graduated with a First-class honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science from Aberystwyth University in 2010, a Masters in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology from Bangor University in 2011, and a PhD in Sport Psychology from The University of Derby in 2017. The focus of his PhD is on the understanding of the psychological factors associated with performance under pressure, specifically focussing on choking and the yips. Phil focusses on the use of mental skills in the development and performance in sport. Since 2011, Phil has worked at the University of Derby as a lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology where he has delivered innovative, research driven and contemporary lectures to the Sport and Exercise science students on a range of sport, exercise and performance psychology topics. More recently, Phil has started to develop material for the University of Derby Online learning provision, where he works as a lecturer in psychology, providing engaging and innovative content for an online audience. Phil also delivers tailored workshops and one-to-one sessions with athletes and coaches to improve their performance. These have included athletes from novice to elite level, in sports ranging from Archery, Football, Mixed martial arts, Kick boxing, Boxing, Gaelic football and Canoeing.