Sports Nutrition





Sports Nutrition







At USTP we offer in-depth and personal nutrition plans through training, competition and the off-season. This includes carrying out analysis of a food diary and assessment of your normal daily activities over a period of time along with the creation of a tailored nutrition plan specifically for you. We can also offer advice on nutrition strategies to optimise gains and performance in training and competition as well as information on the appropriate nutrition supplements that will aid your progression and competitive results.

Our specialists are qualified to the highest level in Sports Physiology and Sports Nutrition and work as lecturers and researchers in the physiology field at University.

The sports nutrition service includes:

  • Precise evaluation of your diet and recommendations to improve your performance
  • Pre-training, training, and post-training nutrition strategies
  • Tailored meal plans to maximise your results
  • Personalised hydration and fuel plan for training and competition
  • Strategies to improve body composition i.e. weight gain, weight loss, body fat loss & muscle gain
  • Advice on sports nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplementation

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