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Central Cambridge Body Transformation

With a high number of personal trainers currently on the market offering their services it is very difficult to make the right decision who to choose from. Unfortunately, only a small number of those qualified trainers stand up to a high standard with their passion, experience and knowledge.

At Central Cambridge Body Transformation, we use our knowledge gained in the areas of sports therapy, physiotherapy and strength & conditioning to ensure we are able to provide you with quick and effective results.

We work with one of the best Body Transformation Coaches in the UK which provides clients with incredible results in a very short period of time.

Martin has been changing lives for 10 years. How? Through complete dedication to finding out what makes his clients tick. His clients’ find the dedication needed to create exceptional results because of Martin’s exceptional commitment to their needs.

Martin understands the power a body transformation can have in bringing new found confidence, and positive shifts in relationships, work, family and friendships.

We are proud to be affiliated with Martin and represent his unique work in and around Cambridge providing such a high training standard.

The Personal Training service offers:

  • Initial consultation and movement screening
  • One to One coaching (available only for 5 or more sessions)
  • Bespoke nutrition plan designed and tailored to your body’s individual needs and goals.
  • Bespoke exercise program designed and tailored to your body’s individual needs and goals
  • Supplement protocols