Ultimate Sports Therapy & Performance is a multidisciplinary initiative, based in Cambridge, that provides professional and bespoke sport medicine and science support to amateur and semi-professional individuals and teams. We have staff qualified to the highest degree level in their area of expertise and more importantly they have extensive experience supporting athletes and teams from various backgrounds and are all currently employed by professional and semi-professional teams. We focus on:

  • Sports Therapy in Cambridge
  • Sports Massage in Cambridge
  • Strength and Conditioning in Cambridge


The USTP team has vast experience working with international and national level athletes, professional and semi-professional teams and some of the best universities in the world. We help athletes just starting out and can apply world class skills to help you improve as an athlete no matter what level you’re at. Speak to us now and see how we can help. 




Whether your goal is to get fit, lose weight, train for a specific sport, prepare for a marathon, or even take on an Ironman triathlon, our services can benefit and support you. 

Getting fit and healthy is one challenge, training for performance is another; however both benefit from knowing if the exercise is actually achieving your goals.

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